Roll of Honor

Odenton Lodge’s connection to Fort George G. Meade has always been strong, and we have a particular tradition of members who serve or have served in the armed services and as first responders.

This page honors the following members of Odenton Lodge #209 who have served our country in our armed services or as first responders. We know this list is incomplete! We have not intentionally omitted anyone, but our knowledge is not perfect. If you are aware of a brother who is not listed, please contact us so we can add them.

Kenneth M. Adams, US Air Force / US Air Force Reserve / DC Air National Guard, 1998-1991 / 1997-2000 / 2000-present (2017)
PM Grafton Leroy Aleshire, US Army, 1961-1963; employed US Naval Academy, 1969-2000
Daniel Alvear, US Army / US Army Reserve, 2004-2012; Charles County, MD Rescue Squad / Fire Service Washington DC, 2001-2004 / 2009-present (2017)
PM Alexander M. Buinickas, US Army Air Corps / US Air Force, 1944-1989
Calvin “Art” Burton, US Army, 1944-1947
Denny M. Bynum, US Marine Corps
PM Howard E. Culver, Jr., US Army, 1956-1960
Patrick R. Culver, US Air Force, 1986-2007
PM Lyndall Debar, US Air Force
Larry F. Diehl, US Army, 1969-1989
Ethan Dietrich, US Army, 1999-2004
Roy T. Dixon, US Air Force, 1978-1982
PM Bernard Duff, US Army
PM Robert A. Dumas, Jr., US Army, 1972-1992
Joseph B. Edwards, III, US Army, 1954-1958
John M. Fekete, US Army, 1989-present (2017)
Dario C. Fermaint, US Navy, 1997-2008
PM Edward C. Garrant, US Army Reserve/US Navy Reserve, 1984-1990, 1996-present (2017)
Philip A. Garrant, US Air Force, 1992-present (2014)
PM Richard L. Garrant, US Air Force / US Army, 1957-1961 / 1963-1981
Kraig L. Gordon, US Army 1968-1975, 1978-1998
Luis J. Gonzalez, US Marine Corps, 1998-2007
PM William G. Gulley, US Army
E.J. Hanlon, Jr., US Army, 1971-1975
Herbert Hopke, US Air Force / US Air Force Reserve, 1956-1962
Michael Kellogg, US Army / US Army Reserve, 1994-2003
Robert H. Kellogg, III, US Army, 1961-1984
James F. Miller, US Coast Guard, 1981-2005
John Monta Montolango, US Army, 1940-1970; 11 Purple Hearts; buried in Arlington Cemetery
Ernest L. Munn, US Air Force, 1951-1974
PM Gary T. Neal, US Army, 1991-2011
PM Grover T. Neal, Jr., US Army, 1948-1951
George Osborne, US Army, 1940-?; buried in Arlington Cemetery
Michael Paisley, US Navy, 2000-present (2017)
Curtis W. Patteson, West Point / US Army, 1992-1996 / 1996-2001
PM Michael W. Patteson, US Navy, 1959-1965
B. Seth Pickett, II, US Coast Guard / US Air Force, 2001-2010 / 2010-present (2017)
David M. Siler, US Navy, 1984-1992; Anne Arundel County Police, 1990-1994
PM Logan E. H. Starr, Sr., US Army / Anne Arundel County Fire Dept.
David Starkweather, US Navy, US Army National Guard, 1984-2010; Westside Fire Dept., Kentucky, 1997-2001
Scott Thompson, US Navy, 1990-present (2017)
R. Christopher Wilson, US Navy / US Coast Guard, 1998-2002 / 2002-2006; DoD Police Dept., 2008-present (2017)
Jeremy York, US Air Force, 2001-present (2017)