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Welcome Brethren,

As we come into this new year I am reminded of my time in the military, aside from my fathers lessons, where I learned to the most about being a good man.  I had leaders and mentors to look up to as examples of how to be better but also who taught me about self-improvement.  I think about how these men dispensed learning to me. Their method, like that of our Past Masters, was to come down to my level.  They would very often step down from their position and share with me their life lessons and learning be that through hands-on instruction or just a wink and nod to let me know I was on the right path.  

That makes me think, that the best way for me to help my Brothers gain further light in Masonry is to, do that from outside of the East.  What I mean by that is, I want to make a promise to spend more time communicating with Brothers, outside of the Lodge than in.  As Worshipful Master,  I have come to the conclusion that being entrusted with duties of a principle office is more than just the chair, its about engagement. 

As Worshipful Master, I have made a great schedule for us this year and I want you to join me in making my vision for our Lodge a successful one.  I want to meet those goals but more importantly, I want to include our membership in implementing even greater plans for our future. So I want you, to join me and make this year the best yet.  Our Past Masters of shown us, that we decide our own level of involvement, which ultimately leads you to success.  So lets decide together to JOIN in!


WM Kenneth Adams – 2018

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