What can you spare that they can wear?

Update: 1/17/18

Odenton Lodge just wanted to give you everyone an update on the 1st Annual Winter Clothing and Breakfast fundraiser. We received a large amount of donations from a variety of people. All of the clothes were sorted and separated by the Worshipful Master Kenneth Adams and Brother Senior Warden Dario Fermaint and over the Martin Luther King Day Holiday weekend.
All woman’s clothes were donated to the Maryland National Guard, and the men’s clothes were donated to the Cancer Research Foundation. Children’s jackets, scarfs, hats, and mittens will be donated to Odenton Elementary School.
It was a great event and not only does our Lodge appreciate it, but somewhere there is a family that REALLY appreciates it in ways you cannot imagine. So thank you all!
In September 2018 our Lodge hopes to do a back to school backpack drive so get ready with those much needed items!